Product Terms of Sale

This Product Terms of Sale (these “Terms”) is a part of the Terms of Use. In addition to the Terms of Use, these Terms will apply to the purchases of products on MOYORU’s website by the Customer. Furthermore, unless otherwise specified, the terms in these Terms shall have the same meanings as in the Terms of Use.

1. Purchase of Product
1. The Customer may purchase products from MOYURU by (i) registering for use pursuant to Article 2 of the Terms of Use and becoming a User, and (ii) using the Services.
2. If the User wishes to purchase a product, the User shall apply to purchase the product pursuant to the method separately specified by MOYURU.
3. As of when the acceptance process for the application in the preceding clause is completed by MOYURU and an email notifying the effect that the product has been shipped from MOYURU is sent to the User, a sales contract concerning such product shall be formed between the User and MOYURU. After the formation of the sales contract, the order for the product cannot be withdrawn or cancelled, unless there is a reason attributable to MOYURU. Furthermore, returns and exchanges of the products shall be pursuant to the provisions in Article 3.
4. Notwithstanding the preceding clause, if there is any misconduct or improper act concerning the use of the Services, MOYURU shall be able to cancel or terminate the sales contract or otherwise take proper measures.
5. When shipping overseas, there may be instances where customs duties and other taxes are imposed upon the product’s arrival depending on the country to which it is shipped. Any expenses incurred for such customs clearance will be borne by the User.

2. Payment Method
1. The payment amount for the product through the Services will be the total amount of the price of the product including consumption tax and shipping fee.
2. Unless otherwise determined separately by MOYURU, the payment for the product in the preceding clause shall only be by payment with the PayPal.

3. Return and Exchange of Products
1. Returns and exchanges of a product shall be accepted in the following instances only if MOYURU is contacted by email or telephone within seven (7) days after the product arrives:
 (1) If there is a defect in the product;
 (2) If a product that differs from the order content arrives;
 (3) If the product is damaged during shipment;
 (4) If none of items (1) to (3) above apply (specifically, if it is due to the Customer’s convenience), and none of the following apply; provided, however, that any product that is stated as “not subject to return” on the sales page cannot be returned:
 (i) A product for which eight (8) or more days have elapsed after it arrives at the time it is dispatched from the User for return or exchange;
 (ii) A product that has been used even once;
 (iii) A product (including the box, package and accessories to the product) that has been stained or damaged or becomes odorous under the User’s care;
 (iv) Underwear and socks;
 (v) A product purchased at a brick-and-mortar MOYURU store; or
 (vi) If the product tag or label is cut off or lost
2. The User shall make the return set forth in the preceding clause by a method separately set forth by MOYURU. MOYURU will bear the expenses incurred for the return shipping and transfer fees incurred for refunds with respect to items (1) to (3) in the preceding clause, and will either return the sales price, shipping fee, consumption tax, or exchange the product with a substitute product. Furthermore, there may be instances where exchanges cannot be made for reasons such as the product being out-of-stock, even if an exchange for a substitute product is requested. In addition, the expenses incurred for the return shipping and transfer fees incurred for refunds with respect to item (4) of the preceding clause will be borne by the User, and MOYURU shall return the sales price and consumption tax, but will not return the shipping fee. Refund procedures shall be made through the payment service provider that the User chose to make the payment after the returned product arrives at MOYURU. Furthermore, please read the return policy for details on how to make returns.

4. Disclaimer concerning the Products
Unless otherwise provided in the preceding Article, MOYURU shall not bear any warranty nor responsibility as to the products sold through the Services with respect to their quality, material quality, function, performance, compatibility with other products and other defects, as well as for any damages, losses, loss of profits, etc. that arise as a result thereof.

Enacted: 07 31, 2020